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The Old Plastic Bag Trick

January 5, 2019 The Old Plastic Bag Trick Basically endless opportunities for outdoor recreation elevate Calgary’s home base potential in winter months, not just summer.  Skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, snowboarding, taking a vigorous morning march, even or doing junk...

Junk Removal In the Snow

November 5, 2018 Junk Removal in the Snow Winter Has Arrived Snow falls, but life continues on in the Great White North. People go to work, grocery shop, visit their loved ones. In fact, you may even find yourself moving house or needing to get rid of that old sofa...

The Mysteries of Plastic Number 6

October 15, 2018 The Mysteries of Plastic Number 6 (an interesting junk removal thought experiment) Coffee cups, take-out containers, the packaging around your new blender. These are all made from Styrofoam, AKA plastic number 6. At YYC junk removal Calgary we get...

What my Pet Taught Me About My Health

May 1, 2018 What My Pet Taught Me About My Health Many households in Canada have a companion animal or pet. In fact, at least half of Canadian households have a cat or dog. Cats and dogs reside at number 1 for popularity in Calgary, however many people keep other...

Where does the junk go?

March 7, 2018 Where Does the Junk Go? Though the most common method of waste management, landfills continue to be an awkward way to deal with garbage. A number of problems exist with city dumps, including pollution of the local environment and contamination of the...

When does spring actually start in Calgary

March 2017 When Does Spring Actually Start in Calgary?    The question going through a lot of people’s minds these days: when will it be Spring? As March progresses, tolerance for winter begins running dry. Although March 20th may be the official date when spring...

YYC Junk Removal makes a difference in the lives of Calgarians. Founded by John Nicholby, YYC Junk continues our committment to reduce the amount of “junk” in Calgary’s landfills by sorting, recycling, reusing, and donating any junk that we pick up.

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